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Hoof & Heart of Southern Michigan (HHSMI) is home to over 40 equine residents, including owner surrenders, neglected and abused horses, horses rescued from auctions to prevent them from going to kill buyers, and horses acquired directly from kill buyer feedlots. Nearly every horse here would have succumbed to starvation and neglect without HHSMI and generous support of our donors and volunteers -- or would have been slaughtered for meat in Mexico and Canada. For the actions of our supporters, tireless volunteers and rescue personnel, and the strong network of like-minded horse lovers, we are forever grateful.

Our rescue is supported through generous donations from our friends and members, the efforts of our volunteers, and the contributions of our directors and founders. We are always in need of volunteers to help with grounds maintenance, feeding animals and mucking stalls, grooming horses, providing them opportunities to interact with new people. Additionally, we are always in need of experienced horse people who can help us assess their education, physical abilities, ground manner, and adoptability. These volunteers with horse experience are also always needed to help with exercising horses, both on the ground and under saddle and/or conducting facilities assessments for prospective adopters. Finally, we always need friends and volunteers to help us get the word out about the wide variety of horses we have available to foster. Those interested in fostering should always check with their financial advisor for potential tax deductions, but know we do provide for feed, and medical-related expenses, which generally are fully deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Hoof & Heart is a registered Michigan Nonprofit Corporation and a recognized 501c3 organization under the Internal Revenue Code.